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A Passion for Metal: Video below

A Passion For Metal

A Passion for Metal, Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor brings sculpting alive and shows you how to get started. With many clear how-to projects, more than 160 pages and 300 color photos and down-to-earth plain talk, you'll see how it all comes together. More than that, however, I take you through a number of projects, so you can delve into this wondrous art form YOURSELF!

It's a fun read and one that can enrich your life if you fall in love with the creativity and diversity that sculpting releases. In 30 years of sculpting, I've had a LOT of strange commissions, even stranger customers, poignant anecdotes, and just a lot of weird things happen. It's all inside!

Moreover, in 30 years, I've found a number of tips, short cuts, techniques, and the like so that if you're seriously getting into this art form, it'd be worth your while to get a copy. We're offering an autographed copy signed by the author (me), and it's available only through the web site (see below).

You won't be disappointed.

Home --> Sculpture Store --> A Passion for Metal: Video below
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